In the Community

In addition to his professional work, Shawn and Windhill Builders are deeply involved in a variety of local groups as well as those that are dedicated to the historical and architectural integrity of the community.



Great Marsh Preservation Advocates

Founded in 2011, Great Marsh Preservation Advocates, Inc. is a registered 501c3 charitable organization interested in restoring and preserving endangered historic structures in the Essex County area of Massachusetts. Great Marsh Preservation Advocates works to restore and preserve endangered structures in order to preserve the heritage that is unique to our area.



Ipswich Education Foundation

Ipswich Education Foundation’s mission is to engage our community in growing and developing the resources of the Ipswich school system. This engagement will enrich the learning environment for all Ipswich schoolchildren and provide teachers and administrators with a central resource to serve our students.



YMCA of the North Shore

The YMCA of the North Shore is comprised of six local YMCAs that have joined together or been developed over the last decade and a half to create one YMCA association.

Restoring the Glover Building is the first preservation project underway by Great March Preservation Advocates.