jennifer meuse

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jennifer meuse

Operations And Marketing Coordinator

28 years in the real estate industry has gifted me extensive experience in many aspects of the field. Sales, investing, management, recruiting, customer service, operations, marketing, design, development, education and technology are an important skill set, but, I would be nothing without my integrity and the invaluable people whose paths I’ve crossed. My teachers have been among the legendary along the way and somehow, I’ve consistently found myself on THE winning team.

I’ve developed an unquenchable thirst for what tomorrow brings. I look forward to my work; continuously evolving, never dull, always something new to learn, to discover, to educate myself then others about.

Team Windhill is an unstoppable force, a place where we inspire each other every day to be better than the day before. The result is inevitably positive for all involved.

A recent testimonial

“You have played an integral role in our success and growth! Your hard work, dedication, commitment to excellence and willingness to win are all important qualities that make up our winning team!”