kevin O'Connor

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Kevin O'Connor

Site Superintendent

Whether on projects big or small, Kevin O’Connor brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. After receiving a B.A. in Construction Building Science at Wentworth Institute of Technology, Kevin was immersed in large construction projects like the Lowell Memorial Auditorium and the Dorchester Courthouse, managing crews of contractors, and working closely with architects, construction managers, and developers. His passion for the carpentry trade and construction business began during his college years while working with a house framing team. In 2003, after 9 years in commercial construction, he returned to the world of residential building projects. Since then, Kevin has worked on many projects throughout the Cape Ann area and has held a Construction Supervisor License since 1994.

Kevin joined Windhill Builders in the spring of 2014, and enjoys the challenges of residential construction including working with home- owners and architects on challenges and changes, and devoting his attention to cost estimating, material sourcing, scheduling, and crew safety.

With his career rooted firmly in both commercial and residential construction, Kevin has amassed broad knowledge in a wide range of construction techniques with a wide array of subcontractors, all of which are brought to the table on each and every project at Windhill Builders. Kevin’s passion and dedication are summed when he says “I can’t wait to see the next set of plans.”