Chandler Bailey, Project Supervisor

Chandler Bailey supports the mission of Windhill Builders by contributing his passion and commitment to the home improvement and building process. Chandler has been supporting both residential and commercial clients for 20 years with his high quality of workmanship within the plumbing trade. His ability to manage projects from inception to completion in a detailed and proficient manner previously as a sub-contractor for Windhill Builders, is what naturally brought Bailey to the fast growing and successful building company.

Chandler, a graduate of Lyndon State College in Vermont and lifelong Ipswich, MA resident, has been working on projects throughout the Northeast of Massachusetts in both small and large scale. Chandler began working in the trade’s industry as an oil burner technician in 1995. After receiving his plumbing license in 1999, Chandler was hired to manage a large commercial developer’s projects for several apartment communities. His years working his craft and learning how to execute his job efficiently and within very stringent time restrictions, is what differentiates Chandler from all the rest.

His desire to be involved with the larger scale project management for a client’s vision to improve upon their home is what brought Chandler to Windhill Builders in 2015. A professed people person, he is not happy unless his customer is happy. Working alongside his crew of contractors, developers and architects to present the highest quality finished product, is what constantly drives Chandler to challenge himself and others on every task that is brought before him.

Chandler Bailey