Custom Homes

Sometimes the only way to get exactly what you want is to build it yourself. Creating your signature home can be exhilarating but there are also many choices and decisions to be made. Those decisions will affect your family’s comfort and lifestyle for years to come. Let us help and guide you. Our broad knowledge, extraordinary craftsmanship, and client service will help you create a timeless design that meets your family’s wants, needs, and budget.


We have established a track record building beautiful, functional custom homes we’d be proud to call our own, completed on time and within budget. Our dedication to details, both visible and “in the walls,” distinguish homes built by Windhill Builders. Visit our Portfolio for examples of our work built along the shores of Massachusetts from North of Boston to Cape Cod.


We are not a “spec” builder. Custom means unique, and requires the collaboration of our talented architects, builders, and interior designers to incorporate your goals and desires into a home that is a truly reflection of you.


You are in integral part of our team, in fact the most important member, and you are involved in all critical project decisions and progress reviews. We will insulate you from the headaches but include you in all important decisions.

Budgeting & Cost Control

Many things influence a budget, including the size of the home, construction materials, finishes, and amenities. Windhill Builders will work closely with you to prepare the project budget because we believe everyone deserves a custom home at a price they can afford. Once the budget has been established, our planning and construction process minimizes any unforeseen issues throughout the project.

Customer Satisfaction

Our culture is founded on a strong sense of ethics, morals, and integrity. Our reputation makes us stand out in a very competitive industry and has become one of our most important assets. We believe the words of our customers speak volumes not only about the quality of the work we do, but who we are as people.