Design-Build is a team approach to designing and constructing houses and remodels, where all players – architect, contractor, and customer – work as a team and work together from start to finish. People typically find this process less stressful and a better way to remodel and build new homes compared with the traditional design-bid-build approach. Our Design-Build process balances your dreams with practicality and keeps the scope of the project in line with your financial commitment and your desires.

How the Design-Build Process Works

When your architect and Windhill Builders work together with you from beginning of a project, the design criteria, scope of work, and budget are all established and agreed on as a team. The years of combined residential expertise between your architect and us result in the best design for your particular needs, tailored to your budget. Once all drawings, specifications, and permits are in hand, we start construction. The process up to this point ensures that our entire team is fully invested in your vision, down to the smallest detail, so moving into construction is a very easy, natural transition. It also guarantees that your budget is an integral part of all design and building decisions.

We anticipate challenges and develop solutions quickly and efficiently, insulating you from potential stress. If changes arise during construction, we are in touch with the architect on a daily basis and any issues can be addressed quickly and efficiently – we’re all on the same team, equally responsible and committed to creating a successful project.

This process of communication and teamwork, from concept to completion, ensure your home building experience is a pleasant one and your home is finished to the level of quality we all envision, on time, and on budget.